Replace Tedious Script Reading with Digital Clickwrap

Remove the risk of agent errors, simplify auditing and improve customer experience by replacing agent scripts with instant, in-call legal acknowledgments of the terms & conditions from any mobile device.

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How Instant Consent Works

The agent simply sends the customer a text message, which opens a secure room containing mobile-friendly terms to approve. Customers easily review and approve the terms on their cell phone with a single click – all in real time without the need for the agent to read out lengthy scripts.

Customer receives a text message with a link to the terms.

Customer reviews terms on their cell phone

Customer instantly approves terms in one click

Approved terms are saved into CRM with a full time-stamped audit trail.

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Features & Benefits

Digital Transformation of Scripts

Avoid tedious, error-prone script reading by sending T&C's digitally to customers via a text message for them to accept with a simple click - improving completion rates and eliminating the legal risk of non-compliance.


Agent Guided Clickwrap

Collect consent and acknowledgments on terms in real time, while the agent has the customer on the phone. Ensure customers fully understand and correctly accept terms with agent-guided directions of what to accept and how leading to higher completion rates.



Improve customer experience with clear, easy and intuitive terms and acceptance display from wherever the customer is on any mobile device.



Automated, dynamic workflows ensure that the correct terms, disclosures and privacy policies are sent to the customer to avoid human error, reduce non-compliance risk and simplify agent processes.



Remote F&I's instant consent solution can be quickly and easily integrated into your existing workflows, CRM, agent toolbars and third-party business applications, so digital consent and acceptance can be synced and centrally stored with a complete audit trail.



Agreed terms are locked and stored securely on CRM and backend systems with a full, time-stamped audit trail.


How Instant Digital Consent Impacts Your Business

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